Customer Comments

Customer Comments

Forth delivery and still excellent lamb.  I have now ordered this product 4 times and it has been great everytime.  Evverything is nicely packed into good sizes for a family...
Ocean Grove, Victoria (product rating 17/02/2015)


Everything about lambdirect is first class.  High quality product, high quality service.  This was just our second order, there will be many more.  Try it, you won't look back.


Croydon, Victoria (Product rating 16/09/2014)


Thank you so much for the lamb that was delivered to us yesterday.  Now we know what lamb should taste like.  We had the roast last night and it was so sweet and delicious.  Thank you also for calling to make sure that i got the delivery for the esky ok.  I will be ordering again soon. 

Maribynong, Victoria (via email 20/07/2014)


Hi Jason and Kath.  Firstly your service is amazing.  I really appreciated your phone call upon delivering my order.  That Saturday night we enjoyed the roast, my wife a brilliant cook and combined with a magnificent leg of lamb made for a devine dinner, and enough left over for sandwiches the next day.  Thank you, we look forward to our next delivery.

Glen Iris, Victoria (via email 04/07/2014)


The taste is just different. We didn't realise it until we tried that there could be quite a difference between what we were used to and this Lamb. The concept of buying the various cuts makes it not only economical to deliver and sell - no wastes of less popular parts - it also crates the nice question: How shall I prepare this cut? Combined with the friendly experience of Lambdirect, it just makes you feel a little closer to nature and how things were supposed to be.

Mitcham, Victoria (Product rating 23/03/2014)


What incredible delicious meat!  Thanks so much, we are very happy :)

Curlewis, Victoria (via email 19/05/2013)

Hi Jason and Kath,

Cooked up the leg of lamb on our new Primo outdoor grill.. absolutely the best lamb we have had in a long time.  The lamb snags are magnificient.  A taste sensation.  I plan to order a half pack for early June.
Thanks again for your wonderful service & the dog bones.
Endeavour Hills, Victoria (via email 18/05/2013)


Dear Kath and Jason,

I must say that lamb was really delicious!  We had barbecued lamb chops for dinner and everyone at home loved it!  When i tasted it i could actually taste the difference between buying it from the Supermarket and this one.  Fresh and lovely.  Keep up the good work!  Thank you.

Dandenong North, Victoria (via email 18/05/2013)



Hi Jason and Kath

We roasted one of the legs for dinner on Sunday.  Very delicious and moist and tender.  We then enjoyed the remainder as cold meat the next night, still yummy!  Looking forward to many more delicious lamb dinners.  Thank you very much.  Satisfied customers!

Bonbeach, Victoria (via email 05/03/2013)


Hi Guys 

We've now tasted loin chops, legs (butterflied by me), chump chops and sausages.  All i can say is..... BLOODY BRILLIANT.  Havent tasted meat of any kind that equals the taste of the lamb received.  Thanks
Frankston, Victoria (via email 18/02/2013)


Hi Jason

It was great to finally meet you and we did try the lamb and loved it!  Really fresh and nothing like the supermarket ones...

Caroline Springs, Victoria (via email 22/01/2013)

The lamb was excellent.  It (spit roast) only took about 4 hours to cook.  Next time we think we will put the meat up higher on the spit and cook it a little slower. 
We didnt have any issues with anything - the ordering/delivery process was very easy and convenient. 
Thank you for your help, it certianly impressed all our party guests.

Ashwood, Victoria (via email 17/12/2012)


Everything from lamb leg to chop was tender and juicy.  we also noticed that your lamb was incredibly flavoursome.  We didn't realise how much the supermarket lamb lacked flavour until we tasted your lamb 

Doncaster East, Victoria (via email 3/12/2012)


Hi Jason and Kath,
It was great to meet you too - albeit in a half sleepy manner!
We have definately tried your lamb, it was utterly beautiful.  So tender and fresh, just gorgeous!
We also really appreciate the quick response, the personal service, the delivery and the efficiency in everything to do with lambdirect, we'll definately be buying again! 


Kilmore, Victoria (via email 10/10/2012)


Hi Jason,

We had a beautiful lamb roast last weekend so the feedback thus far is excellent.  It was nice to meet you last week and we enjoyed your personal approach to your business. We look forward to some future orders once we get through this one. 


Sue & Paul, Canberra ACT (via email 25/9/2012)


Hi Jason and Kath,

We've certainly tried some of your delicious lamb, how could we resist.  We had the cutlet racks on Saturday, so juicy and tasty... and huge!  You can definately taste the difference.  Looking forward to trying a nice big roast on Sunday...I'm sure it will be just as yummy... and huge!


Moonee Ponds, Victoria (via email 15/08/2012)

Hi Guys, just wanted to let you know that we ate our half leg of lamb the day it was delivered and my husband declared 'you can cook that every night if you want'.  High praise indeed. Thank you for a quality product.
Mulgrave, Victoria (via email 19/06/2012)

Hi Jason and Kath,

Wow, thanks for the best lamb ever.  We just love it, can't get enough.  It's fantasti, the tenderness and flavour is unreal.  Never going back to supermarket meat.  Thank you so much for the top service and quality product.  Telling all my friends and family.
St Leonards (via email 04/04/2012)

Jason and Kath,

This was our second order of lamb from you and it's as good as the first one!!!!  My teenage daughter even scoffed down the lamb shank pie that i made - even though she says she 'hates' lamb shanks!!!!!!  This lamb is so delicious!! We'll definately be back for more!!!

Liz & Tony
Canberra (via email 3/4/2012)

Just letting you know the lamb is very special.   We cannot believe the tenderness and quality.  We are both more than happy with continuing to purchase our lamb from you.  Price and quality cannot be beaten.  Snags were good too!

Robert and William

Boronia (via email 29/11/2011)

Hi Jason and Kath !
..  We tried some of the lamb the day it was delivered on the BBQ and also a roast a couple of days later.  All I can say is I think this is the first time we have had true lamb in the last 20 years as I don’t know what the supermarkets and butchers have been selling us as lamb.  It was tender and absolutely delicious and such a great price for such premium meat.  Thumbs up from hubby (Tom)  and out two children (Ellie & James).  I know we won’t be buying lamb from anyone else in future.  You have us as lamb customers for the future.
Many Thanks and Regards
Diamond Creek (via email 10/11/2011)

Hi there
Yes all went well and will be much better next time now we know where the place is. It is only about 30minutes from where we live on the South side of Canberra.  We loved the way everything was packed and labelled. I have told several people about the delivery and the beautiful lamb and will remind them about the next delivery.  Yesterday i cooked some chump chops in a casserole dish which were lovely. Today I am doing Liver and Onions and Bacon a good old English favourite of mine. I would value some tested and tried Recipes you have used for cooking the Lamb as we shall be having a lot of it in the coming weeks.
Patricia and Graham
Canberra (via email 27/10/2011)

Hi Jason and Kath,
Thank you for the email. We are certainly enjoying your lamb products, and when our kids have said things such as "This is the best lamb I've ever had" and our son Max said "Can I please have extra lamb, I love it!", we know it is great! 
So thank you again for such wonderful service and beautiful quality lamb. 
Kindest Regards 
Surrey Hills (via email 15/10/2011)

Hi Jason and Kath,

Thhaannkk you so much for the best tasting lamb I have had since growing up on a farm myself.

We had the loin chops and sausages on the BBQ the night you delivered it and the meat just melted in our mouths, our son is 10 and absolutely loved it first time he has had meat fresh from the farm not from the supermarket and he was wrapped cause as he said wasn't fatty and chewy.

The sausages just melted in our mouths and were so nice, Have got my Mum and Dad on board they will be ordering next time when we do as well, will be spreading the word for sure so better put Toongabbie down on your delivery run for the future :0).

 Was great to meet you and have a chat and great to have it delivered to our door, couldn't ask for better service and better lamb.

Thanks again to you both (Fantastic) 
Take Care

Toongabbie (via email 21/08/2011)

Dear Kath
Just wanted to tell you how happy we are with our lamb.  It is lamb as i remember lamb to be.  The lamb was beautiful and pink and so flavoursome.  Not only is the product great but the service and communication are second to none.  We will definately order again.  We have already told our family and friends. Thanks
Noble Pack (via email 27/07/2011)

Hi Guys,
Delivery was when promised, and the meat is beautiful.  Will definately be reordering, maybe a different pack next time.
Frankston (via email 10/07/2011)

We were very happy with our delivery... The packaging was brillant and made it so easy to pack into the freezer.  We had the marinated boned leg of lamb for dinner and it was delicious.  As it was such a big piece, we had sandwiches for a couple of days and then i used the last bit to make one of the best shepherd's pies i have ever done.  We have also had some of the sausages and these were very tasty.
I fully intend to order with you again when our freezer supply runds low.  I have also told many of my friends about you....  Thanks for the follow up.  Not only is it nice to feel we are dealing with the suppliers direct but it's great to know something about you.
Lysterfield South (via email 03/06/2011

Hi Kath,
The lamb has been delightful.  The sausages were perfect.  I tried a different way of cooking the leg roast and it was superb.  It took 6 hours but it was worth it.  I have been raving on to anyone who will listen about your fabulous service.  Smiles all around from .  Thank you for the wonderful lamb but also the wondersul customer service.
Heathmont (via email 02/06/2011)

Hi Kath
Just letting you know that we are enjoying our lamb.  We have already sampled the backstraps, sausages and rump steaks and have been impressed with the taste and quality of each.  I was also pleasently surprised as to the quantity of lamb we received in the delivery.  I can assure you that as our freezer empties we will be ordering from you again.
Glen Iris (via email 02/06/2011)

Hi Jason and Kath, WE LOVED YOUR LAMB!!  It was so tasty and so tender... i love the packs, so easy to store... you have gained another customer!
Epping (via email 02/06/2011)

Hi Jason, I slow cooked the chump roast the same evening that you delivered.  Absolutely delicious!!! Also kept the cutlets outs for Monday's dinner.  What can i say, tender, juicy and scrumptious.  Thank you very much.  Our dog has enjoyed the bag of goodies you gave me for her.  Will definately put in another order when the freeser starts to look a little empty.
Greensborough (via email 01/06/2011)

Dear Jason and Kath,
Thanks for the follow up, especially given you are super busy at this time.  We have already had 3 lamb meals, a BBQ (Chops), a roast (leg) and a casserole (chops braised).  All delicious and so much nicer than the butcher.  Also many thanks for Jason carrying the tub all the way UP the 72 metre driveway.  I am confident the rest of the products will also be excellent and we would definately like to remain on the list....
Eric and Sue
Ringwood North (via email 01/06/2011)

Dear Jason & Kath,
Thank you for the lamb.  We've had the sausages and the frenched cutlets so far and have enjoyed them thoroughly.  The quality is excellent and i have been spreading the word.
Sureela and Chris
Vermont South (via email 30/05/2011)

Hi Kath and Jason, Just wanted to let you guys know that tonight we bbq'd the marinated butterfly leg and it was divine!!  Everyone ectreamly happy and we look forward to having the left overs in souvalakis tomorrow!!
Warren and Simone
Essendon (via email 19/03/2011)

Hey Guys, the lamb was sensational - I slow braised it in milk with fennel and leek for about one hour and forty minutes and it came out super tender and forty minutes and it came out super tender and really tasty!  I love your lamb!  The meat looks so clean, fresh and vibrant, it has a lovely amount of fat on it that is just right for cooking and the fat has a lovely clean taste also.

In short a great product and I will certainly be getting on to your website and getting some sent down to me in Melbourne.
Thanks for being part of Mercurio's Menu!
Paul Mercurio
Mercurio's Menu (via email 23/02/2011)

Hi Jason and Kath,
We are very happy with our lamb.  We had the butterflied lamb on the day of delivery and it was great.  Looking forward to having the sausages and backstraps tonight.  In particular, we love how it is packaged.  Makes it so much easier for us as we are a typical crazy buzy family. Thanks

Beaconsfield, Vic (via email 25/02/2011)

Hi Jason & Kath
We are very happy with your service, the delivery and the follow up is excellent.  We had the seasoned chops on Sunday night which were very nice.  I dont normally buy barbeque chops so they were a bit fattier than I'm used too but the taste was great and we had half the leg of lamb (too big to eat all at once) last night and it was fantastic.  No doubt we'll be buying more when we've gotten through this lot!!!  Thanks once again
Phil and Janet
Wantirna South, Vic (17/11/2010)

My husband and I attended the Echuca farmers market on Saturday and purchased some lamb.  We were very impressed with time and information provided by the person selling the product as we were quite late in the morning and a lot of items had sold out.  Not knowing what to purchase, a few recommendations were made.  We purchased a rack of lamb, 6 loin chops and just over a kilo of diced lamb.  My husband and I had the lamb rack that night while our children had the chops.  Not a scrap was left on the plate as both the children loved the chops which were generous in size.  My husband, being a lamb roast man, was extremely impressed with the rack of lamb and we both agreed that it was the tastiest and most tender lamb we have eaten.  11 out of 10 for that meal.  We had the diced lamb in a casserole that I make every 2nd week and once again, we have never had lamb so tender.  Hats off to great cuts of meat.  After our purchase we went and compared the prices to our local butcher and found that we had saved quite a bit.  Another big tick for your great product.  I would like to finish by saying that we will certainly be purchasing from you again and look forward to doing business with you in the near future.


Echuca-Moama (via email 23/09/2010)

We just had your chops for dinner. Amazing!!  We had to hold ourselves back from eating the fat which was so very tasty too.  It was the first time i have bought fresh meat from that market. I always go and buy fruit and vegies only.  I just need to make room in my smallish freezer before i order a carcase.  Thanks for making the trek to Willy....

Williamstown, Vic (via mobile, 12/9/2010)

These lamb straps are the best I’ve ever tasted... in fact one can appreciate every mouthful of this tender tasty meat. It’s lamb... not something dressed up as lamb.


Seaford, Vic

The quality of the meat is nothing like I've ever seen before. Beautiful looking meat, nice cuts. Presentation was really good. I'm not really sure what I was expecting (maybe just a whole heap of meat) but to have all the cuts packaged individually and labelled was really great. The taste of the meat was amazing. It's only tasting this that we realise just how 'second rate' the local supermarket meat really is. My husband loves his lamb cutlets, that was going to be the true comparison test. He nearly cried they were just so good. My 6 & 5 year old children asked for seconds.

We'd heard really good things about the product and the service, and even knowing that, it exceeded our expectations. Rest assured, we will only be purchasing our lamb from you guys in the future. The value for money (and also not having to lug home approx 30kg of meat from the shops) is excellent. I also really like supporting small business. I'm guessing you get a better return selling direct to the public. Sounds like a win-win to me.
Vermont, Victoria

We enjoyed a lamb leg roast (with home-grown garlic, rosemary and corroboree dust spice mix) and last week tucked into the chump chops. The meat was excellent quality. Both the roast and chops were very tender and the flavour of the meat really didn't need adding lot of seasoning to. Received very positive comments not to mention requests for seconds!! The price - excellent value for money and having the meat delivered is another bonus for me as I usually buy meat at the Queen Vic market but have to take it home on public transport. Having a freezer and home delivery makes it such an easy option.
Highett, Victoria

The taste is excellent from your lamb product. It is very different to purchase lamb from the supermarket, very fresh and tasty. I think what I have bought in the past is probably old mutton sold off as lamb or something, or maybe the lamb has come from out the back of Burke...... Not sure, but your lamb is in a class all its own, it is very good.
Longwarry, Victoria

Bloody Grouse! We are big fans of lamb in general and it was obvious just looking at the raw product that we were in for a treat. We had the sausages during the week and they were fantastic. What I am really looking forward to is those beautifully plump shanks… The price is exceptional, if anything too cheap! And the service is exactly what was promised.
Coburg, Victoria

".. so tender.  Beautiful.  Absolutely stunning.  I will be ordering again.  Thank you.."

Frankston, Victoria

Roast for dinner was magnificent...a true taste of lamb.

Northcote, Victoria